Hair loss Clinic @ Syenna

From hours of research recently we have established that the most frequent concern to women from the uk and Ireland, ranging from the age of 25years to 50years is thining, patching and balding hair. As you can appreciate the implications of this can be drastic. Concerning as it was, we teamed up with #KerastaseParis and debated this sensitive subject. Thankfully in partnership with #KerastaseParis and our team of ambassadors here at #syenna we now plan to address the problem in hope to help some people that it has been effected. For the next 2 weeks we will be running an insalon workshop dedicated to do just this. Please take advantage of this complimentary service and let our team get you the proper prescription that will return your hair to great health again. Please contact Selena to arrange a visit.02871267779 #syennaimage